Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Harlequin Project

So, This has been beating around in my head for a bit, but.
If any of you watch =InKibus you know she designed me this harlequin outfit.  This isn't the first time some one has designed a harlequin outfit for me though. My good friend ~Grimawormtongue designed one for me a few years ago for Halloween. I ended up not sewing it because I found out I had a back curve (and the outfit involved a corset), and have been putting it off ever since. Well, now I know I can safely wear a corset no problem, so there is no reason I couldn't get started on that on again. But that had me thinking. Anyone who knows me, know I love Harlequins. Mimes, and Jester designs (But, for the record, I am NOT fond of the bozo the clown look).
So... I want to start a protect, "The Harlequin Project". What would it involve?
Well, I love see people different takes on everything, so. Here's my thoughts on what I'd love to try and do.
You design a Harlequin/jester/mime outfit, and I will attempt to bring it to life. :D
*Not Immediately* Commission take first dibs on what time I have over what I want to do, and my time *is* sadly limited. So, it might take me a bit to get around to a particular design. Still, I'm in no rush, I see this as a constantly on going project.
A few thing I ask though, if you do want to design something.
1) I don't mind getting a little saucy, but please, no stripper/g-string designs. I would not be comfortable sewing or wearing something like that. otherwise it can be anything. Steampunk, Goth, Medieval, Punk, flapper, so long as it's in a Harlequin, Jester or Mime theme.
2)You can feel free to use pics of the finished outfit, if you want, to put it on say a profile or resume. You designed it. ;)
This is still in the tenitve stage, but I'd love to hear feedback.