Sunday, September 08, 2013

August was like a fog in my brain, but the road goes ever on.

EDIT: Started this post yesterday, got too tried, finishing it today. 
 Good by August, you were an interesting month. I've been meaning to do a real blog post since.... the beginning of the month.  That didn't happen, obviously.  So, I'll do a rough outline highlighting the good and bad. 

First, the bad.

The garden might be the worst we've had in YEARS.  Raccoons and squirrels decimated the corn before we could get rid of them. I've never seen them that crazy for food before.  The tomatoes got hit with a blight/poor growing conditions and never recovered.
DSCN0001  DSCN9999
We've only gotten at most 20 canning jars of  tomato paste instead of the  usual 60 or so jars.  Spring green bean and kale did ok, though. But the pig broke in the garden and ate most of the leaves off the fall kale and the broccoli . They might pull through with some babying. :-/ About the only thing that is doing "good" is my ornamental gourds, but they need watering. 
DSCN0002  DSCN0005

DSCN9995  DSCN9993 DSCN9996
Which leads me to the next bad thing that happened. The pump leading up from the pond stop working, and apparently it's  break in the wire buried under ground. :(  We might have a fix, but  it really makes watering the garden hard.  

The good tiller literally blew up (that was SCARY). 
And worst, the calf, Sassy, had gotten sick twice this month, due to our attempts to wean her, I don't care what anything online litacher says, four months is too fucking young to wean.  the first time wasn't that bad, some light diarrhea, a little off, but she pulled through fast. This time though...... I thought we were gonna lose her.  It was to the point where me cradling her head and talking to her wouldn't get a response for a bit. Worst day  so far this year probably. I get too attached to little animals, I'll admit it, and she trusted us so much, so to do that to her hurt even worse. For the past.. I think it two night now, we've been waking up and checking on her (yes, I'm typing this with less sleep the is safe to drive on. AND I'M DRINKING A BEER!)  Tonight is the first night were I think, maybe, just maybe she'll pull through.
(EDIT:  Her stomach is better, but she sprained her leg in the night somehow. We are going to the vet tomorrow, it is so swollen she can barely stand.  I'm so devastated that we got her over a complex problem like her stomach to have it undone by a simple sprain.)

OK, now to the good
we got another cow, a Jersey/Guernsey cross named Tiger Lily. She is sweet as can be, and promise to be a good milker .
DSCN0032 DSCN0039

It rained a fair bit the first of the month, which really helped the drought. We went from "another crappy year" too "we might squeak by" on the dryness. At least the oaks aren't losing their leaves right now like they did last year.
We sold the bus we've been trying to sell for a bit to a really interesting couple trying to start a little brewing place. I was glad to see it go to a good home. :)
And last, the best part for me....some of the  crew stopped by on their "On the Road to Dragon Con" pleage drive, and streamed the whole thing.
 Why?  Well, thanks to a scene from The Hobbits involving a rabbit sled, (and thanks to some friend comment!) , The Wild Woods Rabbitry got noticed on their FB page  (Don't know what I'm talking about? Watch the damn movie!) ... . Which was both exhilarating and sent me into a panic for a few weeks. One, I've been stalking page since I heard they were making all the LOTRs movies. That's been... over a decade (FECK I FEEL OLD).  Two, I never know how people will handle coming out to our middle of nowhere home. We ARE in the middle of nowhere, and people either love it or are totally creeped out. And they were going to stream it online. Yeah, anyone who know me, this is like, minded numbing panic recipe for me. I can worry myself sick easily  ( I've gotten better! ) Thankfully, it went well (I think... I'm going to be honest, I've only watch a few snipes of the videos, not the whole thing ) but I can let you be the judge of that.
(I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaly need to be less shy about taking photos. Like, I should have taken a group shot photo)
Here are the videos of the trip  1, 2, 3, 4, 5 .  And then at about  and hour and a half, hour and forty  min mark on this one I pop in briefly to chat... Yeah, I'm putting that in there, I'm LAME.   Anyway, it was way more fun then I hope, and it was nice to hang out with fellow geek for a bit. I have a grand total of TWO friends locally who I can hang out with who are "geeky" and not rednecks, everyone else I know that counts is online, and far, far away.  Plus, when they got to Dragon Con, they ran into one of my costumer freinds who has commissioned quite a few costumes from me.  Small world!

Ok, I think that good for a short roundup of the month, I will leave you with this pic of my sister and a toad.....