Monday, September 09, 2013

It's not "Door to Heaven"... it's...

Sooooooooooooo... With the recent new that Roland Emmerich is planning to reboot Stargate, I've been sent on another nostalgic musings.  I didn't get to see Stargate when it came out, my mom  recorded on a trip back visiting her folks (that was probably 1996).  I gobbled it up, and got my second childhood geek crush on Dr. Daniel Jackson   ( I already had a crush on Indiana Jones.. Yeah, you can see a trend here).  I was a fan. I got a huge poster off eBay, and original movie pins (That as much as my meager allowance would allow), browsed web sites, had a Stargate desktop theme...   When news came out there would be a TV show, I was excited.... Till I saw it. I. HATED. IT  (didn't help that I thought a lot of the early alien costumes look cheap. Yeah, I'm a snob). I still dislike it but don't hate it. Subsequently I've ignored the other shows mostly (ok I've seen some of  Stargate: Atlantis... It was amusing. And the first episode of the last one, SGU Stargate Universe. Didn't really do anything for me.)  my fever for the movie has faded a little, but I still love it.  I was always disappointed that Emmerich didn't get to do a trilogy, though as I saw more and more of his movies I  thought "maybe it for the best".  Godzilla was a mess (and please  DO NOT mention that movie in the presence of my brother. That kid has been watch the old  ToHo Godzilla movie since he figured out how to run a remote) I never got into Independence Day...  I just never click with another of his movie (ok, I will briefly bring it up... I've often wonder if it is because Stargate WASN'T his movie, but an idea he lifted... Some info here, everything else I've found online is pure speculation). 
Now... he wants to remake it?  Ok, it's his movie and all, but I can't help but feel it the $$$ involved more than anything. Stargate the movie from 1994 is a timepiece of the 90s. It's simple, unburdened by a bunch of the mush and pomp that is clogging up so many Si Fi movie today,  The special effects have held up surprisingly well, the story is nice and coherent ( cough, Prometheus, cough), the acting isn't bad. Why fuck with a good thing?  Meh.  It doesn't' help that it seem every popular movie is getting a sequel, or getting rebooted  (Star Wars, Star Trek, Terminator,  Avatar,  Pirates of the OMGwhydon'tthyeletitdie )  What are your thoughts, spooky?  Could this be a good thing? He obviously can't  cast the same actors, they've all aged way to much.