Wednesday, October 30, 2013

And tonight at midnight, the dead rise and walk the earth.

Halloween is tomorrow. I'm finding that hard to believe, though I don't know why. It finally looks like Fall out there (though  a touch warm), wish leaves changing color and overcast skies. There is a call for rain tomorrow. I like rain, cloudy Halloweens. Sunny ones just don't seem right. 

DSCN9225 DSCN9213 DSCN9212 DSCN9210

The meager decoration I have are up. 
DSCN9240  DSCN9239  DSCN9242 DSCN9241 DSCN9238 DSCN9235

And, since tomorrow is mum and dads wedding anniversary, I got them a bottle of wine while I was out

I know NOTHING about wine, but the art on the front just seemed so appropriate! Owls! Spooky Tree!  That how one picks wine, right? Cool art?
Right.... Well, I'll hear back tomorrow how the wine was, they stole the bottle away and I doubt it will make it through the night.
I have my costume mostly finish. As finished as it can be. Pic will come, I promise.
Meh. I wish Halloween was further away. After the is Christmas. I don't want to deal with Christmas. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.

Internet credits the blog title to Robert Frost, I have no idea if that is true. Fits my frame of mind right now, so there.

 I need some mental sunshine right now.   Ever since my last "life" post back in the beginning of September  It seem like life has been a series of small kicks in the gut.  Follow cut to read on about tales of little tragedies and insignificant woes.