Thursday, November 28, 2013

Goin' whole hog................

Happy Thanksgiving.  The poor holiday everyone can't wait to get past so they can forget about the uncomfortable fact we basically screwed the Indians over and get on the the Christmas orgy. I never got Thanksgiving, nor Black Friday.  Right now, I still feel like I'm waiting for Halloween to come. How can it be Thanksgiving?  How can it almost be Christmas?  Meh.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

And the chill will seep to your bones.


It's winter out there.  The high was 30 F (-1 C all day, it was thick cold fog, and I could hear geese flying high over the colds to warmer grounds.  We may have a low of 18 F (about -7 C)  I'm worried it will be a cold long winter.  We're way behind on firewood, and most everything do with getting ready for winter.   I think the greens will bite it this time, I can't see how the kale and mustard will not freeze, especially if we keep drizzling/foggy all night. 
DSCN9500  DSCN9505

Started this two day ago, it just gotten colder.
That was the temp I woke up too.  
There was ice on the inside of the windows behind the curtains
DSCN9597 DSCN9598 DSCN9579
Walking up to the garden , and all the leaves on the greens shattered like  glass.

DSCN9609 DSCN9611
There have been hugeVs of geese flying over all day, flying fast.
 DSCN9628 DSCN9617  DSCN9629
So, yes, winter is settling in. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

short recap (insert clever title here)

Meh, getting this up later then I wanted. Ok well.  Here are The Halloween costumes as promised. 

You have, from the far right Inky as a Rosebud Splicer  form the game BioShock, Bro as Jack form Bioshock, Mum as Martyn Jacques, the lead singer form The Tiger Lillies, Dad as a baby dwarf (his idea) and me as Alice Liddell form Alice: Madness Returns . The only two costumes I sewed were the splicer and Alice. The splicer was a last minuet idea on my sister part, and I'm really happy with how it came out, all things considers.  Ink found an out of print pattern, Butterick 5037 for me to modify, and I went form there. It's not 100% right, but it's close enough. 

Alice I had been working on for almost a year. I didn't get some things I want done, like the boots.  And I mess up the embroidery a little. To be fair, I was working on that when Rocky died, so I may have been a little distracted. The horse  head was made by Inky . Awesome, isn't it? 

Speaking of rabbits.  I have 13 new rabbits to take care of.  We went out at the beginning of the month to picked them up. It was a long trip through Tulsa, which it a bout 3 hours away. 
DSCN9311 DSCN9348 DSCN9390 DSCN9387
It was a pretty drive, thankfully, but still. We didn't stop for food, so by the end of it we were HUNGRY.  Caved and bought a can of gross Pringles on he way home >>.
I really have to thank my best bud Jason for help me though this. It been a rough few months. 

It almost winter.  We had one hard freeze, and another due the Sunday.  There is not much left in the garden
DSCN9535 DSCN9505 DSCN9500