Thursday, August 21, 2014

tell me a story to keep me form thinking.

Not been around much.  Lots to say, not sure where to start. So, a random post to break the ice.

Decide to o a list of the online comics I've been reading

El Goonish Shive  This one   really has gotten better as it's gone along. But if you are uncomfortable with gender fluid characters, this might not be for you.

Girls With Slingshots  I kinda wanna beat the main character with a broom sometimes, but I keep coming back. Lots of side character that are interesting on their own.  This comic talk a lot about drinking, sex, gay and straight relationships, and BMS...  It also has a talking cactus and a ghost kitty.

Questionable Content  I wish I had Fey's sass. Because.

Skin Deep This one is neat because it is set in my area!  Plus I love the idea of "not normal" live next to the "normal"

Run Freak Run I'm really in love with  the style and story.

Zombie Roomie just what the title says.... Life living with a zombie, his live girlfriend and his roommate and his werewolf girlfriend.

Grrl Power I like the official write up, can't sum it up better than this.  Grrl Power is a comic about a crazy nerdette that becomes a superheroine. Humor, action, cheesecake, beefcake, 'splosions, and maybe some drama. Possibly ninjas.

My Blacks Don't Match!  I really hope this one start updating again, I'm hook on the creepy story. What going on in  Autumn Grove?  What real, what madness?

I'm sure there are a some I've missed, I'll add them as I remember them.... so, what are you reading?

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