Saturday, January 03, 2015

MacGyver made Kistkas

So, I had a idea a while ago, and haven't had a chance till now to try it... But today I made a few kistkas out of the tips of an old pen and a broken automatic pencil.  
I wanted to see if I could make this out of just stuff I had lying around, without spending any money.  Having a well equipped work shop makes that easier, I don't know how much of this stuff the average person will have lying around. 
Look at the tips of these, they look just like the real deal!
DSCN9451[1] DSCN9452[1]  DSCN9453[1]

Ok, the tools,  Wire (no idea what gauge) wire cutters and pliers, wooden dowels, super glue, drill gun. 

So, first thing. I used the base of one of them to make the loop.
I made the first loop too small, but didn't get pics of the bigger loop.

then I superglued the tip to the loop (And tapped it hard on the table a few times to see if it would stay) and then drilled a hole at the end of the dowel and popped the tip in there
DSCN9461[1] DSCN9454[1]

Ta Da!
DSCN9464[1]  DSCN9463[1]

Rince and repeat for the other.

Now, a couple of points.  These tips are the solid metal tips. You can't use chrome plated plastic tips and expect anything good when you heat them up to melt the wax.  I have no idea how the superglue is gonna behave when heated a few times. I might have to switch to something else if they  fall off. But this cost me nothing, and took less than an hour to make, so I thought it was worth the try. I will update this when I have  the chance to use them.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Thanks for the memory

2014 is gone, and I couldn't even be bothered to see it leave. 
I'm not gonna say 2014 was the worst year, ever, that isn't  true.  But it sure felt like all we did this year was break even or keep our heads above water.There were some good. my mom got the foot surgery she so badly needed to stay on her feet, we have two lovely healthy calves,  we got the new kitchen up and started.  But we setbacks. The one cow we've been trying to get bred won't bred, and the vet finally told us he thought she was a lost cause.  The rabbits are stressing me greatly with their healthy and breeding.  We need to get the shop cranking up more.  Ling to replace, here, there, unexpected expenses. The bull we bought died. It goes on and  on, little thing like that. 

 It was a depressing year death wise too (thankfully for me none close, but).  For artist and entertainers. For equality and right. And for death of the trust and respect some of those people commanded before their true self came to light. Death of the people my parents called friends growing up, 4 or 5 in a row.   One could argue this was the year of many little deaths.

I never really found a gear work wise with my craft this year, and that is depressing me. I haven't been as motivated to DO what I need to do, which is a poor excuse not to do it. But a covente one if you're looking for one.  

Perhaps it's fitting then that we spent the last month of 2014 locked in to clouds and sick.  Not the flu, but damn it, I hope this isn't going to be a tradition of  me spending Dec 26th in bed sick and puking.  Thankfully I was the only one who got that, everyone one else just got achy and tired and choughs. 
I will probably do my yearly "the year in photos" blog in a few days. 
Any way, 2015... Just be gentle. I'm not gonna ask for the moon, not for the stars, not richs.  Just enough to breath.