Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring dress

It been a while since I've done a "me  project."  Like, since last October. So, after finishing my last commission, I embarked on a small "me project".  It'll be a light spring dress that Inky wants me to do for photos shoots.

 I'll be using  Vogue 8280, or at least the top part. I use it to good effect on my Queen of Hearts outfit (got me a Daily Devataon last year!).  I'm still playing around with the skirt, but I know I want it fuller then the pattern has it... I have this light blue eyelet fabric that I'll be using, (Pic later) so I don't want to cut it up the way the Queen of Hearts is.  I what to preserve the scalloped on the eyelet fabric.. I'm think a pleated rectangle is the way to go. At least the bit's I've plied around with seem to look best that way. we'll see what the mock up says.   I also have this light blue brocade I found in a thrift shore that I'm going to try and work in there as well... It was washed once before I got to so it has an interesting texture to it... I had to wash it twice more myself, it had a faint smell of cig smoke, but hot water and vinegar worked really well.    After that it's all in the trim. here's hoping I don't look like and Alice knock off/