Wednesday, June 26, 2013

And the days grow long, and the nights get hot, and I think of fall.

Edit... ok, so I'm a liar, as this post proves

I'm not saying I hate summer.  Dislike it intensely, but not hate outright.  Scratch that, I hate summer.  While many are excited to get out of school, or summer vacation, I'm dreading the heat and the humidity that seem to be a staple around here now. Clearly  I am not (thanks to my mostly Irish/Scottish/Polish ancestry) meant to function in weather hotter than 80 F.  

Ok, maybe not that dramatic, but still, there is plenty to dislike about the summer. 

When it get this hot, not matter what you do, it seem you're alway one sick animal  away from a disaster. And with so many baby animals right now, it doubles the burden (we have baby chick, baby pigs, a calf, and baby rabbit right now). And the flies *shudders*. Granted. we live on a farm. And farm animals do three things without fail. Eat, try to breed, and poop. And, unless you have an excellent system to deal with that poop, you WILL have flies.  Thanks to the nice wet spring we had, we have bumper crop of flies. They are EVERYWHERE.  We have fly traps, ashes spread on the animal yards, fly paper, and are attempting to composting/removing the manure as fast as we can, but we still have flies.  *shudders*  And if anything should (lord forbid) die, and you don't find it in a 8 hour time frame...... Yeah, maggot. My sister tells me there is a tone of voice I only use when maggots are involved. 


isn't she cute?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Before I succumb to ennui

So  I've been feeling an itch lately to make some nice Halloween props. We have some, but most didn't survive my childhood, and they were of the corny, crappy kind.   I recently saw this post on how to make a Styrofoam  headstone and thought "hey, I have some heavy wight Styrofoam! Let's try this!". 

I've done two attempts so far, with varying success  

 First attempt. 

The tools 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Venting a little summer steam.

I hate this weather. I hate the hot,  I hate the summer. I can't handle it well. I literary feel weak when the humidity climbs and the temp goes above 80 F.  I feel my brain slow down and my body seize up. And my bedroom turns in to a bloody furnace form hell.  Yes, I'm whining.  I shouldn't  be, we've been luckier then last year, were the hot weather started in April. This year it at lest waited till a week before the summer.  
 Still, looking back on some of the photos form the last month, I miss the cool weather already. Damn it, be fall already!