Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring dress

It been a while since I've done a "me  project."  Like, since last October. So, after finishing my last commission, I embarked on a small "me project".  It'll be a light spring dress that Inky wants me to do for photos shoots.

 I'll be using  Vogue 8280, or at least the top part. I use it to good effect on my Queen of Hearts outfit (got me a Daily Devataon last year!).  I'm still playing around with the skirt, but I know I want it fuller then the pattern has it... I have this light blue eyelet fabric that I'll be using, (Pic later) so I don't want to cut it up the way the Queen of Hearts is.  I what to preserve the scalloped on the eyelet fabric.. I'm think a pleated rectangle is the way to go. At least the bit's I've plied around with seem to look best that way. we'll see what the mock up says.   I also have this light blue brocade I found in a thrift shore that I'm going to try and work in there as well... It was washed once before I got to so it has an interesting texture to it... I had to wash it twice more myself, it had a faint smell of cig smoke, but hot water and vinegar worked really well.    After that it's all in the trim. here's hoping I don't look like and Alice knock off/

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Finished commission

The Masters Coat 3 by =FrockTarts on deviantART

A female version of the velvet coat worn by Anthony Ainley in the  Doctor Who series as "The Master".  Black velveteen. Skirt instead of pants. All the embroidery on the collar was done by the wonderful Inky, as well as the photography. Self covered buttons, long skirt pleated in the front and back, and a tall stand up collar.( for photos of the original, go here )



To see the rest of the pics, go here

Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Harlequin Project

So, This has been beating around in my head for a bit, but.
If any of you watch =InKibus you know she designed me this harlequin outfit.  This isn't the first time some one has designed a harlequin outfit for me though. My good friend ~Grimawormtongue designed one for me a few years ago for Halloween. I ended up not sewing it because I found out I had a back curve (and the outfit involved a corset), and have been putting it off ever since. Well, now I know I can safely wear a corset no problem, so there is no reason I couldn't get started on that on again. But that had me thinking. Anyone who knows me, know I love Harlequins. Mimes, and Jester designs (But, for the record, I am NOT fond of the bozo the clown look).
So... I want to start a protect, "The Harlequin Project". What would it involve?
Well, I love see people different takes on everything, so. Here's my thoughts on what I'd love to try and do.
You design a Harlequin/jester/mime outfit, and I will attempt to bring it to life. :D
*Not Immediately* Commission take first dibs on what time I have over what I want to do, and my time *is* sadly limited. So, it might take me a bit to get around to a particular design. Still, I'm in no rush, I see this as a constantly on going project.
A few thing I ask though, if you do want to design something.
1) I don't mind getting a little saucy, but please, no stripper/g-string designs. I would not be comfortable sewing or wearing something like that. otherwise it can be anything. Steampunk, Goth, Medieval, Punk, flapper, so long as it's in a Harlequin, Jester or Mime theme.
2)You can feel free to use pics of the finished outfit, if you want, to put it on say a profile or resume. You designed it. ;)
This is still in the tenitve stage, but I'd love to hear feedback.