Thursday, March 03, 2011

Costuming madness

So.... I caved and bought Vogues  2931 and  Vogues 7464  (for view  A) while they were on sale, and then found this nice vintage pattern  that I can modify for the top........   Yes, I think I want to make something like this dress.   But... I'm thinking I'll take the shape, but do different fabrics. I have a gunmetal green satin, a green/blue shot Dupioni , a copper/purple shot Dupioni, and some cotton crinkle textured pinstripe black and white fabric. I'm thinking a Steampunk  Wicked Witch.  Keep the general shape, but layer colours.  100% sure what would go were, but still..... and I'd get to paint my skin green.  Hell, even it I fail as a witch, I'd make a smashing lady  J├Ągermonster, I'd even have a proper hat.