Saturday, December 21, 2013

a slight reflection .............

Time for the year in review post.   The year isn't *quite* over, but it close enough to start reflecting on it.  It wasn't a horrible year. But it definitely had it moments.  We literally  started this year with the traumatic event of our new Dexter  heifer  going into labor with a full term bulldog calf ....  Plus side is we had wonderful fresh milks for 10 months.  We got goats, and Tamworth pigs, we had a beautiful dun calf..... which we lost severely month later heartbreakingly. The garden was..... Underwhelming at best.  I lost a very dear friend, (Still getting use to that one.  It's funny how small thing will remind you of someone when they are gone).   I got to meet some new friends, and got to meet the team from  (THAT was fun!) this year.  We had the strangest Spring weather wise I've ever seen .

Still, looking back, the theme this year was hectic, barely keeping up.  We'd finish one thing, and then plow in to another with barely any time in between to catch our breath.  It was exhausting, and frankly I feel like I've aged a lot this year mentally (and physically).  Dear gods, please let the next year be less...hectic.