Saturday, January 03, 2015

MacGyver made Kistkas

So, I had a idea a while ago, and haven't had a chance till now to try it... But today I made a few kistkas out of the tips of an old pen and a broken automatic pencil.  
I wanted to see if I could make this out of just stuff I had lying around, without spending any money.  Having a well equipped work shop makes that easier, I don't know how much of this stuff the average person will have lying around. 
Look at the tips of these, they look just like the real deal!
DSCN9451[1] DSCN9452[1]  DSCN9453[1]

Ok, the tools,  Wire (no idea what gauge) wire cutters and pliers, wooden dowels, super glue, drill gun. 

So, first thing. I used the base of one of them to make the loop.
I made the first loop too small, but didn't get pics of the bigger loop.

then I superglued the tip to the loop (And tapped it hard on the table a few times to see if it would stay) and then drilled a hole at the end of the dowel and popped the tip in there
DSCN9461[1] DSCN9454[1]

Ta Da!
DSCN9464[1]  DSCN9463[1]

Rince and repeat for the other.

Now, a couple of points.  These tips are the solid metal tips. You can't use chrome plated plastic tips and expect anything good when you heat them up to melt the wax.  I have no idea how the superglue is gonna behave when heated a few times. I might have to switch to something else if they  fall off. But this cost me nothing, and took less than an hour to make, so I thought it was worth the try. I will update this when I have  the chance to use them.