Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sun dogs... What a funny name.

So, today we got treated to that interesting phenomenon know as a son dog  .... Granted, it wasn't a full on spectacular  halo in the sky... Just two bright spots and and bit of a rim in the clouds.. But still, it was pretty cool. (Why are they call son dogs anyway? )


Here you can kinda see one of the the spots, with the arms coming off it. 

In fact, we've had a lot of nice clouds lately (Nice to look at, just no bloody rain. We need rain.)

A sampling 

This might be my favorite photo. 

There has also been some very pretty sun raises as well.  

These fat little birds we're sleeping at the top of a tree, and I got a few photos before they flew off.

You can see them in the upper right hand tree, before they flew off

And, they are gone