Wednesday, May 29, 2013

When you're not on edge, you're taking up too much space

So, after not sewing for a whole, I did a lot of speed sewing on a super secret project for a friend that I can't show anyone till after mid June.  Wooo Hoo.

ANd now, with that out of the way, I've started on my Halloween Costume.  This year, I'm going as Alice Liddell from Alice: Madness Returns  ...... I LOVE that game (I'm going to admit I haven't played the first one yet, I have it, just haven't gotten around to playing it.).   Specifically, this dress

I really love all her dresses (well, maybe not Fleshmaiden  or Caterpillar ) .... At first I wanted to do Misstitched, but that proved way too hard to find fabric for. 
Then I saw this fabric  and though " I can work with that".  No, it is not screen accurate  but, it has the roses and the butterflies... More crowded than the other fabric, but not bad. 

I got either 5 or 7 yard of  it  I don't remember which.  Enough to make me that dress if I don't screw up. 

The pattern is fairly simple, but I pick up  New Look 6674  for the bodice specifically... And the fact that, I will probably make a few of those dress designs (View  C and E  especially) 

I started with the mock up a few nights ago.  So far, went to gather easy, with little modification   I did add a zipper in the back because the dress won't be a tie dress when I'm done with it. 

Photos of the first mock up. The sleeve on the right it the unmodified store bought pattern, the sleeve on the left is my first attempt at making it puffier.  Just.... no, not working. 

Ok, so how to add more puff? MORE FABRIC!  I traced the pattern, and cut in tin to strips, adding about and inch in between each strip. 

Then I add an armband to it.... and you know what? I think it worked!  It starting to look like the nice, puffy sleeves :D.  Next up, the ruffles and the skirt. I really think I'm gonna need a small petticoat for this to make the skirt stick out just right. 

I'm already eyeing up fabric off the rest of it (ruffles, apron, bow).  The samples I have so far. 

I need boots too, and  wig... but that is for a whole nother  post.