Thursday, November 28, 2013

Goin' whole hog................

Happy Thanksgiving.  The poor holiday everyone can't wait to get past so they can forget about the uncomfortable fact we basically screwed the Indians over and get on the the Christmas orgy. I never got Thanksgiving, nor Black Friday.  Right now, I still feel like I'm waiting for Halloween to come. How can it be Thanksgiving?  How can it almost be Christmas?  Meh.

Even if Thanksgiving is a mystery to this spook, we make a big meal and make the most of it.  This year we decided to try somthing different.  We took one of the small pot bellies pigs we raised and cooked it whole, using this recipe.  We left off the bacon, just cuse that seemed overkill.  Sadly moms oven was just small enough we had to cut off two of the leg to get in in there. There was also a small deer roast
DSCN9698  DSCN9685
And stuff, corn, mashed potatos, sweet potatoes, green beans, gravy, lime jello, cranberry sauce, and rolls

DSCN9694 DSCN9701 DSCN9707 DSCN9705

It took a bit longer to cook than planned, but OMG it was worth it. It may have been the best Thanksgiving meal I've EVER had.
 And of course, what's a holiday  without out a disapproving rabbit thrown in the mix?  Mr. Moonshadow, my sisters pet potato flemish rabbit. He really is shaped like a potato.
DSCN9687   DSCN9692 DSCN9712
Other than food, it was a very quiet day. After the last few months, I was happy for that.  Looks like next week it gonna suck balls weather wise, to have to crunch it on the firewood. The last two days were  nonstop firewood or shop work, so I feel rather rung out.  On the bright side, I'm almost done my Christmas shopping.  I think I got everyone something that counts, so yay.  I suppose I should change my blogskin. I donno, I rather like it.  I'll always be a Halloween girl.
I guess I should sign off with the things I'm thankful for.
I'm thankful for all the thing I take for granted that I shouldn't. I have a roof over my head, friends I can count on, and food on the table. I'm thankful that gravity still works, and that the sun and moon have kept it together and stayed in the sky.  I'm thankful cat have put off world domination for one more year, and that  my right and left haven't switched places on me.  Same with sour and sweet food.  I'm thankful that my reflection in the mirror hasn't started talking back to me first thing in the morning.
So, peeps, what are you thankful for?