Sunday, May 11, 2014

So.  So much has happened.  We've blast straight into spring, and are racing off towards summer at a breakneck speed, with barely a chance to settle in.  I'm still choking on the fact that the year is almost half over.  We just got half the garden in, had the tiller blow up, slaughtered about 20 pigs and one goat, had 7 more baby goats since I last posted. To top the stress off, tomorrow mom goes to surgery to fix her terribly arthritic feet. She'll be in bed rest for two weeks, then she'll get the other foot done in six weeks. Just another layer of stress to throw in there. mom will be off her feet, which means one less hand to help on the farm, which is madding right now, but if she doesn't get it don't she'll be in constant pain, so it's a must do.  I know, I'm whining.

 In the good news, my buns started having babies. Thank god. anyway, I hope to get a real update here, it's been a bit.