Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Stone Rabbits

Many years ago, when we would go to town, we'd drive past a little low stone house, and on two stone pillars in front of the house were two stone rabbits. For years, they were there, facing the road, just sitting there.I never saw who lived there, never saw how many there were....

One day,  while driving to town, mom pointed out the rabbits. "Look!, Look at tbe Rabbits!"  Instead of both facing the road, one rabbit faced the house, another faced the road.  The unmoving stone rabbit had moved. It continued like that for months. Every time we drove past, mom would slow down the car and we'd look at the stone rabbits.  They were always moving now. Sometimes they both faced the house... Sometimes the were staring at each other across the driveway, and once they were both back to back. It was fascinating. The stone rabbits were alive, after years of sleeping.  Then one day.... They were gone. There was a moving van, and the house was striped bare. The house sold, and the new owners have a wind chime out front. There is nothing on the stone pillars.

I'd like to think the stone rabbits, one night after being moved around after years of sleep, woke up. And they stretched their legs, and they ran. And ran, and ran. And in the morning, when the homeowners woke and found the rabbits gone, they went looking for them. Hence why they moved.
    Of course I'll never know the story, but I'm sure it not as interesting as that one.. It probably involves a new job, or family, or kids going to college. But when my mind wanders, and I think of that house, I hope, somewhere out there, there are two stone rabbits on pillars,  and that they never face the same way each morning. And that somewhere out there there is someone who notices. 

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