Tuesday, March 08, 2016

I say Hello, you say Goodby.


I'm at the point with my mental backlog that it not worth trying to do a long journal entry detailing everything that has happen last.  SO, I'll just ramble till I find a flow and go from there like I always do.

  2016 is starting off on a more promising note then we've had in years.  We have the garden tilled and prepped. We've CLEANED the massive amount of junk and such we've let build up over the years. Now, instead of spread all around the house ts contained into one field. But still. It contained, organized, and AWAY FROM THE HOUSE.  I no longer feel embarrassed when people come to visit. This is coming of the repair of the one of the roof in the shop last fall.  It is amazing how DOING huge projects you've talked about for years is so... rewarding.
DSCN0446 - Copy
We cleared brush and shrubs  away from the living area too. It's one thing to live in a forest. its another to let the forest invaded your living area.  We've put lime down in the garden and in the worst of the cow fields. I'm really excited to see the results from that.
DSCN0475 DSCN0477
  I'm  keeping busy sewing. Or I'm trying to. I'm trying really hard this year to Keep Doing Things. I'm not always succeeding at it (and some night my exhaustion is too much to combat)  I should at least do a post about that some time.
On a less positive note, the last few months have been marked by Deaths. Not just celebrity death (which are all in the same age bracket as my parents) but of the personal kind.  My mother's sister died this past November. Cancer, apparently. 
Crat the Rat Cat died last fall right at the beginning of October of last year.  My dad found two black female kittens, and now we have Trick and Treat.

Cookie the dog passed away just last week. She was 17 years old.
 It's strange having pet that were around when you were still "a kid" pass away.  I turned 32 this week.  I was 14 when we got Crat. I'm still having trouble processing this.  Sometimes I feel like I didn't get my card , or badge, or pin that says "you are an Adult". *le sigh* 

I got a new camera from Inkibus for Christmas. It's a CoolPix L840 and I love it.

Just look at the photos!







Yes, I'm rather delighted with it. :3

Dad  knees are giving out rapidly.  He can barley get up and down the stairs now. It appears that he have to get knee surgery soon, and the right knee is now bone on bone. It's horrible watching hi move around, when we use to call him "the ferret" and he was know to walk and walk and walk.  Hopefully we'll know soon.
In the good new, it apreas  mom dose not have rheumatoid arthritis, but osteoarthritis, which is much more treatable and less life threatening (dad has that as well, in his back, so something to worry about as I get older) 

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