Sunday, September 15, 2013

All you people are so scared of me. Most days I'd take that as a compliment. But it ain't me you gotta worry about now.

 Went to see Riddick with my sister and friends this weekend.  I'm pretty new to the whole Riddick/Vin Diesel thing (my only Diesel movie to date was The Iron Giant,a movie that made both ME and my brother bawl our eyes out. ) .  

Only the day befor Inky and I watched Pitch Black for the first time, so that we wouldn't be totale in the dark ( about the  franchises. I have not seen Chronicles of Riddick yet, but my best bud swears it unimportant  for the series (I plan on seeing it, but I'm finding you either love it or hate is as a "riddick" movie)  Anyway, I liked Pitch Black, it was fun, maybe a little dated with the filtered lenses, but otherwise stuck to its story, didn't have a lot of excessive baggage, and had a  few nice twists to its story.  I didn't really know what to expect with Riddick, other than the previews looked promising.   
As I summed it up on Twitter.... Mad Max in space. With less hair.  And not cars. But it's channelling Mad Max all the way.
It has the faithful dog, betrayals,  hero painfully resting his bones, tough chicks, and every-man for himself vib. That's not a bad thing, and to its credit, it doesn't try to hid  it. Ok, so, with that out of the way, how did the movie hold up on it's own?  
Not bad. 
It was fun, you know where it was going 10 min in, it's not going to win an Oscar for script or anything... But the banter was above average for an action, the fight scene were knitic with out being filmed in excessive slow mo or shaky cam. I like the costumes and set design, it had a very sparse, baran feel to it.  The movie wouldn't work if Vin Diesel didn't sell it as Richard B. Riddick (What does the B. stand for, anyway?)  His Riddick is quite happy to off someone by setting multiple huge foot traps, or use another person's body as a decoy, but only if you go for him first.  And don't hurt his dog. Really. Just don't (His character also seem to draw the line a rape as well... Not sure if it hold up across all the movie, but if so, nice touch boys).

Now, I have a complaint to level that has NOTHING to do with the movie.  I live in a middle of nowhere with a town with ONE movie theater, and they have a very "only game in town" attitude.  The night we got there,  we get in early.  And  wait. You know how there is usually crappy local ad running before the previews? Welp, e had a blank screen. So, after about 10 mins of this, you kinda get to know who's in the theater with you. Mr. Diehard Riddick fan. Older Couple who just want some entertainment.  Giggly girls. Well, the time that movie is listed as started comes. And passes. By this point we're all thinking "WTF?"  We're all nervously laughing, and looking at each other. I decide now is a great time to use the bathroom. And when I get back, STILL NOTHING. After 10 minutes of this shit, the Older Lady get up and complaints. When she come back, she relays the news the front desk told her. Apparently there was a power surge early in the week and equipment was acting up left and right. At that point, the preview start... ON FAST FORWARD. With songs that had nothing to do with the movie going. It was... strange and awesome and strange.  We skipped like 4 previews, then it took another two preview to straighten  the sound out. It was weird.  And on a finely note. Why is their bathroom floors always sticky? I mean.. really sticky?

So, fun movie, shitty theater, good time had by all.